Sunday, 21 December 2008


As promised, some more photos of our travels around Fuerteventura. Ajuy is a small fishing village in the south-west of the island. As is usual for Spain, the houses are white-washed, the fishing boats are brightly painted and the sea is blue - if a little rough the day we were there!
There some fascinating rock formations around the cliffs of Ajuy. Despite the island being predominantly volcanic, some of the sandstone cliffs have been weathered and worn into some fantastical shapes with caves eaten into them.On a smaller scale you can see the sandstone has been cut through and looks like filigree in places.
Precarious walkways cling to the cliff edges and afford the visitor some fine views of the seashore and cliffs. The caves are quite awe inspiring.One of the caves at the end of the path took me by surprise in its scale. Like a mighty, natural cathedral, it looked magnificent from high on the path. The constant roar of the waves crashing on the rocks in the cave entrance echoed around it. The size of the cave can be seen if you notice the figure of the person at far right of the picture.Again, the rocks around the cave mouth were spectacular and colourful. The clear lines of strata in the rocks show successive volcanic eruptions and upheavals in the earth's crust.More pictures to come..........
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